Website Design Tips

Here are some quick tips as you plan on the design – redesign- and development of your website.

Minimize or avoid the use of “flash.”
Although Flash is a popular technology to create visual action, animation or interactivity on a web site. It can interfere with search engine positioning.

Keep your content in text format.
Although it is an attractive from a designer perspective to keep every text in graphic format in order to control the look and feel of your website, you always want to keep your content in text format. Search engines can not read the graphics, and “Keyword Density” is important in terms of search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keep your contact information visible on every page.
Make sure your visitors can contact you easily, so make sure you provide this information on every web page.

Every page is a landing page.
The assumption that every visit comes through the home page is a common mistake. Every page on your website is its own URL and requires the same importance and attention to every other page.

Test your website in multiple browsers
There are multiple browsers available to your clients. Testing your site on these browsers will prevent to you finding out that you were loosing customers because your website does not work on one of them. The major two browsers are Internet Explorer and Firefox.


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