What are your metrics when measuring the success of your website?

It is a challenging  experience to measure the success of  your website. There are common metrics that are used by management to justify the investments made to their website.

1- Page Views: More or less… which one is better? Does high page views mean success? Using page views as one of your metrics can be misleading. A visitor might not find what he/she is looking for, so keep browsing your site to find, and leave after a while… frustrated.(High page view) Or he or she might come to your site and immediately leave your site since he sees the information he is looking is either not there or not satisfactory (Low page view).

2- Hits: Hits not only cover your content but also images and other media embbeded on your site. Basicly a hit is a request to a server. A typicalpage will cause a 25 hits on a server. So using hits as one of your metrics might be a bad idea.

3- Top Exit Page: If  80% of your visitors exit from a certain page, does that mean this page is a bad page? Maybe they did find what they were lookign for at this page…Happy and satisfied. Or they come to the page and did not find the information and left…Unhappy and dissatified.


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