“One shinny and One Recycled”

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 11.01.56 AMI was reading a post from MarketInsights. Loved their analogy on recycling your email campaigns. Probabaly this will apply all sort of campaigns as long as they were successful.

It makes so much sense for companies  recycle and reuse their marketing material. Assuming that they actually put the time and effort to create a value for their customers and leads. How often they do that? My experience with enterprise and small businesses, they understand the value of creating content that interests their reader, designing and packing their content that gets their reader’s attention. But with mid-size companies, it is mostly to get an email campaign out the door. The industry says send it this day and this time, and this frequently a month. So they just do that.

This applies not only to their email campaigns, but also to their webinars, podcasts…So if you create a campaign with a plan and thought behind it, it could be recycled and reused multiple times.It was worth the effort and time at the first place. It will pay itself over and over again. If just created – without understanding your customers or leads seeking, you wasted time to create it initially, and there is no point reusing it.


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