Lead Generation = Dialogue between people

Lead generation is not a quick process. It requires constant effort over a relatively long period of time. The heart of the lead generation has to be  people – developing a relationship between the people inside your organization and the people outside. For any lead generation  to be successful, it has to create a relationship between people that positions the lead generation effort as conversation. A conversation that identifies, initiates and nurtures a selling situation.

Each touch should add a value to this conversation.




  1. Pretty interesting read…I’d be interested in seeing how to implement the use of salesforce or act or any CRM solution in order to position that kind of reasoning in front of sales organizations in media, especially converging media.

  2. I will debate that any CRM technology – which I have only experience with Salesforce.com – will be a tool, to track these conversations / activities. With salesforce + Appexchange partners, you can create, monitor and tweek these conversations to make sure you have an effective lead generation program.

    The reason why I write this blog entry was, in my opinion there is no clear and agreed upon definition of what is a marketing lead and sales lead. Some organizations will choose to cut corners with creating and nurturing these conversations between them and their leads. In my opinion this cost them the sales.

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