Money goes to Search Engine Optimization or Social Media?

Every morning, I start my day with logging into my Linkedin account and looking around what is happening within my network. Today I came across 2 great shares that made me think.

One came from Tom Hunlsey who is on the advisory board at Social Media Breakfast of Dallas.Mr. Hunsley shared “Social Media & Emergency Management — Where did it all begin?” article which talks about the DARPA Network Challenge. The challenge which took place in 2009, was to be the first to submit the locations of ten moored, 8 foot, red weather balloons located at ten fixed locations in the continental United States. The MIT Red Balloon Challenge Team won the $40,000 cash prize by successfully completing this complex task in less than 9 hours after balloon launch. <b>They used Social Media</b>. Wei Pan who is the member of the winning team, said “We wanted to understand how Facebook, Twitter and other social networks have changed the way humans mobilize…We also wanted to see how, with minimal cost to us, we could harness the powerful resources offered by the online community.” (Source:

Second one comes from Christopher Penn who is the co-host of the Marketing Over Coffee marketing podcast. Mr Penn re-shared his blog post about how social media influences search rankings. The post talks about how your social network connections are more influential to your search results than some SEO’s optimizations.

There are a lot of opportunities for B2C companies to utilize social media channels for their marketing efforts. The customers are willing to follow them on Twitter, like them on Facebook and +1 them on Google Plus. However if you are in a B2B, it is little harder to do. There is a good number of people who keep their personal and business connections seperate. They are not willing to like, follow and +1 you that easily.The B2B companies have to come up with reaons for their customers to connect with them on personal level. The B2B companies have to offer more than products and services and become more socially engaged. For example I am more willing to follow an office supply company on facebook if they form a team and ask me to participate in one of the Get Your Rear In Gear 5K event in my area.


What portion of my marketing budget should go to SEO and what portion should go to getting creative about expanding my social media reach to my customers?


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