Scandinavian Airlines Campaign: Couple Up to Buckle Up

Almost 3 years ago in the middle of the night, I read about this code that you can take picture of with your phone and it will take you to this amazing online experience. I am IMed our CTO at Thru, LLC. I was excited. I wanted to share this cool concept with a techy. A couple of months later, I am working for SystemID Warehouse, barcoding hardware and solution provider. Now, I had the people who knew all about this cool 2D barcode – QR Code.

Then I started seeing it  everywhere. Every magazine I read  had an ad with a QR code. Every collateral I touched  had a QR code.  I was excited to see it until I scanned it. The main purpose to use a QR code in your marketing collateral is to bridge the gap between the print and online experience. However, the post scan experience is disappointing the majority of the time and there is an on-going discussion about the effectiveness of QR code usage in marketing campaigns.

I hear a lot of ummm and arrr, but when it is done right, QR codes play an important role in your campaign. Recently I came across “Couple Up to Buckle Up”, a campaign for Scandinavian Airlines. This is an amazing email campaign that uses QR codes that offer a creative post scan experience.


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