Social Media replacing email marketing for lead generation and nurturing

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Since more and more people prefer to receive messages from brands via “on demand” sources such as Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube, do you think you should put your resources into email marketing for lead generation and nurturing?

The best subject line, the boldest design, the most intriguing message… We already know these are not enough. Timing and relevance is everything. If I order a product, I am on the lookout for the confirmation email. When I see XYZ company sends me an email with shipping information, I know I need to keep it. If I receive a reminder to re-order my label, I am pleasantly surprised. I like relevant and timely emails and I pay attention to them.

However it is different story when it comes to the majority of the emails I receive. Even if I had the best intentions and signed up to these newsletters, I never get the chance to read them. The full-inbox alert beats me to it. So I delete them before I can read. The cycle is keep going…


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