Putting a cause behind a landscaping service

After we bought our house, the first thing my husband did was hire a landscaping cocollegefundmpany to cut our grass. There was not too much thought that went into this. A guy who was doing our next door neighbour was hired on the spot without any question to come and do the work every other week. We have been using them more than a year. Good service. No problem. Everybody happy….until couple days ago.

I got a postcard of a local landscaping company in the mail. College Fund Landscaping offers its services at a competitive price. Their postcard got my attention because they offered things that their competitors did not.

They provide yearly scholarships to local students. Their tag line is “Cutting Grass To Send Local Kids To Class” I think this is an amazingly creative way of differentiating yourself from your competitors . On top of that, they offer online billing…should I switch?


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  1. It’s a great concept. To add more to the story the guy started this lawn company to pay his way through college. After college his business grew and he decided to help out others. Awesome! However as great of a story it is you ultimately have to deliver a quality product too and not just have this great story.

    After years of doing my yard myself and wanting to pass out in the Texas heat I decided this summer to finally hire somebody. I hired them. At first I was just glad to not being doing the yard but eventually I noticed I was paying for a service that was not doing as good of a job as I was. I left a message with the company expressing my displeasure with the sloppy service. Got an extremely quick reply that they would make things better. A month later I saw a couple down the street whose yard always looks great and I asked them who did their yard. I made the switch the next week and have been extremely happy.

    I think it is great what College Fund Mowing is doing. But the bottom line is you can have a business with great story, great branding, or whatever but if you aren’t supplying a service that is going to make customers happy then it’s all for not.

    Did you switch?
    (apologies for the essay that I wrote)

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